In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful

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Wednesday - 15 Rajab 1433 H / 06 June 2012



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Respected Brothers & Sisters of ISLAM...
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05.06.2012 - Mayyit of: Ayesha Abramjee Dockrat - VENUE: 236 Citroen Street Laudium - TIME: 14:30pm - QABARSTAAN: Laudium - CAUSE OF DEATH: Natural


05.06.2012 - Mayyit of: Saeeda Bham - VENUE: Zeerust - TIME: After Maghrib - QABARSTAAN: Zeerust- CAUSE OF DEATH: Natural

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Ameen)

Surah Al-Mulk (The Kingdom) 67

This Surah is Makki, and it has 30 verses and 2 sections
In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful

He is the One who has made the earth submissive for you, so walk on its shoulders...67:15

COMMENTARY: The word Dhalul signifies 'submissive'. When Dhalul is used for an animal, it means that it is not insolent when someone is riding it. The word Manaakib is the plural of Mankab, which means 'shoulder', which in animals refer to the upper part of their front legs. Normally, this is not the part of the animals where a rider would sit to ride them. Their back or neck are involved in riding. But an animal that offers its shoulders as well to the riders is very obedient and submissive. Therefore, the verse says that Allah 'has made the earth submissive for you, so walk on its shoulders'.

Allah has made the structure of earth such that it is not liquid like water so that it flows, nor is it like mud, mire or slime, because if the earth were to be in any of these states, it would not have been possible for man to live in it. Nor is it made hard like rocks or iron, for in that state it would not have been possible for him to plough the fields to sow his crops and derive various other types of benefit from the earth. Wells and rivers could not have been dug. It would not have been possible to dig trenches into the ground to lay foundations of huge buildings. With such well-balanced infrastructure, He granted him tranquillity that it is possible for buildings to stand on it and for people, moving on its surface, to avoid slipping. be continued

Port Elizabeth
Cape Town
Sehri Ends


Fajr begins
Asr Shaafi
Asr Hanafi


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Hijab Support Group - Sisters Inspiring Sisters - Part 3 of 3

Tuesday 20120605 - Sister Rayhaanah, in this three part series, discussed the beauty of the Hijab as well as support for those who are fortunate and blessed to wear the Hijab and Niqab. Also, many sisters shared their experiences live on the programme. This is part 3 of 3... Listen

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Assalaamu alaikum. The following is a poem with regards to Makkah, Madinah and praises of Allah & Nabi Salal Allahu Alayhi Wasalam. It was penned while listening to Haafidh Abu Bakar on one of the live broadcasts on Radio Islam International:


There’s an unusual feeling… a craving… that’s in my heart
To Allah is my plea, but where oh where do I start?
My Rabb, there’s something I want, yearn and require
It’s what I desire
What we as Muslims all strive and dream for
Those who had a glimpse even wish for it more and more
For that day which will bring us near to your Ka’bah door

So close… Our fingers can feel
Making us just want to bow before you and kneel

So close… Our hands can touch
As if we should stop…stand….and watch

So close… Our eyes can view
We will want nothing for it to be exchanged in lieu

So close… My nose can sense
Maybe giving my entire body a tingling sensation
Hmm… I wonder-what will be my reaction?
Perhaps my knees might feel abit tense

So close... in the Haram
Allah, this is only through your Karam
Our ears hear the Imaam
All this while donned in Ihraam
Near Mohammed Sala Allah Alayhi Wa Salam,

So close, our tongues taste the sweetness of repeating his name over and over again
If that is Taqdeer, surely it’ll ordain

So close, We feel like thorns amidst (Nabi Sala Allah Alayhi Wa Salam)
The One Rose
To Umrah do I yearn
Towards making Hajj is my concern


  • Gold: $1,606.00
  • Platinum: $1,438.16 /oz
  • Silver: R8.18 /g
  • Saudi Riyaal:R2.26
  • Oil: $ 98.77 / barrel
  • $: 8.50
  • €: 10.57
  • £: 13.00
  • Mahr Fatimi: R12859.56
  • Minimum Mahr: R257.19
    Zakaah Nisaab: R5143.82
  • Krugerrand: R14,263.23
    24 carat gold: R437.70 /g
  • 22 carat gold: R401.51 /g
  • 18 carat gold: R328.25 /g
  • 14 carat gold: R255.44 /g
  • 09 carat gold: R165.36 /g

    As at (05/06/2012)

If you had invested R1000 in Kagiso Asset Management's Equity Alpha unit trust fund almost six years ago, when it launched, you would have been invested in the number 1 domestic equity general unit trust fund AND your R1000 investment would have grown to R3 847*.

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* Twist to Mdluli saga as SAPS fights for his rights - Richard Mdluli will have to wait three weeks before he finds out whether or not his suspension as head of Crime Intelligence is lifted.

* Lamoer: Police responded to Cape Town plan - The SA Police Service (SAPS) has rubbished a claim that it is unresponsive to a plan to train law enforcement reservists for Cape Town communities.

* KZN MEC loses appeal against ex-pupil - KwaZulu-Natal education MEC Senzo Mchunu lost an appeal against a man who suffered an eye injury at Gcwalulwazi High School near Eshowe nine years ago, according to a report on Tuesday.

* Trafficked babies returned to moms - Mexican authorities have returned to their biological mothers all but one of the babies ensnared in an apparent illegal adoption ring providing children to Irish couples, the women's lawyers said.

* Yemeni forces advance on al-Qaeda-held town - The Yemeni army is gearing up for a push to try to take a southern coastal town from al-Qaeda-linked fighters, local residents say.



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Spend time with Nature. Natural settings have a powerful effect on your senses which in turn will lead to a sense of renewal, refreshment and peacefulness. Peak performers through the ages have understood the importance of getting back to Nature. Start camping or simply taking quiet walks in the forest. Rest by a sparkling stream. Cultivate your own little garden which will serve as your personal oasis in the middle of a crowded city. By cultivating a friendship with Nature, you will quickly find more serenity, contentment and richness in your life.
Cheesy Kebaabs

1 egg, beaten - cup milk - 1 cup fresh bread crumbs - tsp ground garlic - salt / pepper to taste - 1 onion grated - tsp origanum or parsely - 500g mince - 2 tsp green masala - mozzarella or sweet-milk cheese, cut into strips - cup flour - tsp salt - tsp ground red chillies.

Combine the first 9 ingredients together, mix thoroughly
Shape into croquettes (long finger shapes), placing cheese in the center
Combine the flour, salt and chillies together. Coat croquettes in this mixture
Dip in egg and breadcrumbs
Freeze and fry when required
Deep-fry until golden all round


An Ulema guided NGO, The Al-Imdaad Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian aid agency registered in the Republic of South Africa. Working through five international branch offices, The Al-Imdaad Foundation has left it's humanitarian footprint in over 40 countries in its brief 9 year history.

Visit for more information.

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Why do husbands hold their wives hands in Malls?

Because if they leave their hands, they will go to every shop. It looks Romantic but it's Actually Economics.

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