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Tuesday, 05 Shawwal 1434 H / 13 August 2013



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Respected Brothers & Sisters of ISLAM...
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11.08.2013 - Mayyit of: Yasmien Suleman, mother of Akbar Suleman - VENUE: 28 Mount Blanch Place, Ext 4 Lenasia South - TIME: 21h00 - QABARSTAAN: Lenasia


11.08.2013 - Mayyit of: Amina Goolam Hoosein Malawinker - VENUE: 51 Rose Ave, Ext 3 Lenasia - TIME: 15h30 - QABARSTAAN: Lenasia


11.08.2013 - Mayyit of: Moulana Basheer Patel - VENUE: Harare - Zimbabwe - QABARSTAAN: Harare

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)


Al-Imdaad Foundation – INSIDE SYRIA - Help us build the first containerised village inside Syria.

In order to help the Syrian people who try to cling to life under very difficult circumstances, the Al-Imdaad Foundation is appealing to you to support the establishment of a fully functional containerised village inside Syria to care for widows, orphans and families who have lost everything. The village will cater for their every need. Families will be provided with mattresses, clothing, blankets, kitchen utensils, hygiene kits and freshly cooked food twice a day. This village will also have a Masjid, free schooling for children and segregated toilet facilities as well as permanent supply of water. Your Zakaat for displaced Syrian families is welcome. Lillah is required for the Masjid and school facilities of this village.

For more information please call 0861786243 or visit



Jalaal al-Din Mohammad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Husain al-Rumi was born in 604 AH (1207/8 A.D.) at Balkh (now Afghanistan). His father Baha al-Din was a renowned religious scholar. Under his patronage, Rumi received his early education from Syed Burhan-al-Din. When his age was about 18 years, the family (after several migrations) finally settled at Konya and at the age of 25, Rumi was sent to Aleppo for advanced education and later to Damascus. Rumi continued with his education till he was 40 years old, although on his father's death Rumi succeeded him as a professor in the famous Madrasah at Konya at the age of about 24 years. He received his mystical training first at the hands of Syed Burhan al-Din and later he was trained by Shams al-Din Tabriz. He became famous for his mystical insight, his religious knowledge and as a Persian poet. He used to teach a large number of pupils at his Madressa and also founded the famous Maulvi Order in Tasawwuf. He died in 672 A.H. (1273 A.D.) at Konya, which subsequently became a sacred place for dancing derveshes of the Maulvi Order.

His major contribution lies in Islamic philosophy and Tasawwuf. This was embodied largely in poetry, especially through his famous Mathnawi. This book, the largest mystical exposition in verse, discusses and offers solutions to many complicated problems in metaphysics, religion, ethics, mysticism, etc. Fundamentally, the Mathnawi highlights the various hidden aspects of Sufism and their relationship with the worldly life. For this, Rumi draws on a variety of subjects and derives numerous examples from every- day life. His main subject is the relationship between man and God on the one hand, and between man and man, on the other.

Apart from the Mathnaui, he also wrote his Diwan (collection of poems) and Fihi-Ma-Fih (a collection of mystical sayings). However, it is the Mathnawi itself that has largely transmitted Rumi's message. Soon after its completion, other scholars started writing detailed commentaries on it, in order to interpret its rich propositions on Tasawwuf, Metaphysics and Ethics. Several commentaries in different languages have been written since then.

His impact on philosophy, literature, mysticism and culture, has been so deep throughout Central Asia and most Islamic countries that almost all religious scholars, mystics, philosophers, sociologists and others have referred to his verses during all these centuries since his death. Most difficult problems in these areas seem to get simplified in the light of his references. His message seems to have inspired most of the intellectuals in Central Asia and adjoining areas since his time, and scholars like Iqbal have further developed Rumi's concepts. The Mathnawi became known as the interpretation of the Quran in the Pahlavi language. He is one of the few intellectuals and mystics whose views have so profoundly affected the world-view in its higher perspective in large parts of the Islamic World.

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Insects do not make noises with their voices. The noise of bees, mosquitoes and other buzzing insects is caused by rapidly moving their wings.



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Important: Are you financing your vehicle with Islamic finance, but then using riba insurance? The covers we provide have no riba and are accepted by all the major banks, for vehicles and property.

Ammanah IFS (Pty) Ltd is a registered Financial Services Provider. FSP#40953.

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* Minimum Mahr: R206.36
* Zakaah Nisaab: R4127.30
* Krugerrand: R13 429.87
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* 'Go hang,' says Mugabe to election critics - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe said those upset by his disputed landslide election victory could "go hang".

* Mandela making ‘slow but steady progress’ - The Presidency on Monday reports that former president Nelson Mandela continues to receive treatment at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria.

* R1.5m reward for missing snuff boxes - The theft of the gold and diamond-encrusted boxes is the latest in what appears to be a spate of art theft in the country.

* AQAP vows to free jailed al-Qaeda members - Leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, says group's imprisoned members will be freed.

* Israel names 26 Palestinian prisoners for release - Israel's government has given details of 26 long-term Palestinian prisoners to be freed as part of a deal which will see peace talks resume this week.


Al Baraka’s Foreign Exchange gives you access to foreign currencies.

Are you planning to go for Haj, Umrah or travelling abroad on business or holiday, you may obtain your foreign currency from Al Baraka Bank

We offer:
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- Free traveller’s will

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Honey & Mustard Chicken Strips

3 tbsp butter - 3 tbsp oil - 1 medium onion, minced - 1/2 cup tomato puree - 1/2 cup liquid honey - 1/4 cup cider vinegar - 1 tbsp worcester sauce - 1/2 tsp each of dried thyme, oregano, basil, paprika, pepper & salt - 1 tsp mustard powder - 500g chicken breasts, stripped - 2 tbsp olive oil to braise chicken - 1 clove garlic, minced - 200 ml fresh cream.

Heat butter & oil in pot. Add onion & sauté until tender. Add tomato puree, honey, vinegar, worcester sauce & seasonings. Simmer until sauce is thick & glossy. Braise chicken in olive oil & garlic until golden-brown then add to sauce. Add water & fresh cream & simmer until done.


A group of managers were assigned the task of measuring the height of a flagpole. They got their ladders and tape measures and went out to the flagpole.

However, the measurement job turned out to be much more difficult than any of them had expected, with some of them falling off the ladders, some dropping their tape measures or pencils, and the whole thing had turned into a big disaster.

After a while, an engineer happened to walk by and saw what the managers were attempting to do. She walked over, pulled the flagpole out of the ground, and laid it flat on the ground. She measured it from end to end, gave the measurement to one of the managers and then walked away without saying a word.

After the engineer was out of sight, one manager turned to another and laughed as he shook his head. "Now that's just like an engineer! We're looking for the height and she gives us the length!"

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