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Friday, 05 Rabi'ul Awal 1434 H/ 18 January 2013



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Respected Brothers & Sisters of ISLAM...
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17.01.2013 - Mayyit of: Fareed Mamoojee - VENUE: 30 Neville Street Westering PE - TIME: 13h00 - QABARSTAAN: Malabar
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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)


An Ulema guided NGO, The Al-Imdaad Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian aid agency registered in the Republic of South Africa. Working through five international branch offices, The Al-Imdaad Foundation has left it’s humanitarian footprint in over 60 countries in its brief 10 year history.

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By Sh Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Humaid - 22 Safar 1434

Praise be to Allah! Praise be to Allah, the Supreme, the Almighty, the Most Bountiful and Most Gracious! Far be it from Allah to have an analogue or anyone equal unto Him! Be He exalted from having a match for Him or a supporter! I praise Him (?) for His completed bounties, and I thank Him for saving us from His wrath and vengeance. I bear witness that there is no deity (worthy of worship) except Allah alone with no partner, a testimony whereby a believer aspires to feel secure on the Day of Judgment and anticipates a privileged position in the Hereafter conferred on him by Allah; and I bear witness that our Master and Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) is His servant and Messenger. His Lord taught him what he did not know, and made of his nation the best one ever. May Allah send His Salat (Graces, Honors, and Mercy), much Peace and Blessing on him, on his kind and virtuous family who, thanks to this religion, attained prestige and power, on his honorable and blessed who were, in enjoining what is right and good real brothers and staunch supporters, on the tab'în (the contemporaries of the Companions of the Prophet [Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam] after his death), and on all those who follow their footsteps in righteousness; ?… those who, when they are reminded of the Ayât (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind thereat.? [Al-Furqan: 73].

O Muslims!

I advise you, O people, and myself to fear Allah. So, fear Allah ?may Allah have mercy on you? and seek the help of your Lord to overcome preordained tribulations of life. Make your love of others prompted solely by the love of Allah, observe His rights in your duties towards your religion. Do not overestimate or rejoice at any good acts you may do, neither underestimate any evil acts, no matter how small they are, you may commit. Draw lessons from what befell bygone generations, and think deeply about the destiny of the two groups: a group in paradise enjoying Allah’s love and satisfaction, and another group in hell suffering from Allah’s repulsion and dismissal. ?Then, when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no kinship among them that Day, nor will they ask of one another.? (101) ?Then, those whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy, they are the successful? (102) ?And those whose scales (of good deeds) are light, they are those who lose their own selves, in Hell will they abide.? [Al-Mû’minûn: 101-103]

O Muslims!

When a righteous Muslim occupies a decision-making position, he is ?Allah willing? the honest guardian of the resources of the country and people; he safeguards the rights, disseminates justice, works conscientiously, and preserves the nation’s gains. In fact, a loyal person holding a responsibility is not only intrinsically righteous but also motivated by the drive of helping others being righteous. He enjoins righteousness and forbids corruption. read more

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We require a vibrant, eloquent person who is tune with the latest news and current affairs to join our news team.

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Al Baraka’s Foreign Exchange gives you access to foreign currencies.

Are you planning to go for Haj, Umrah or travelling abroad on business or holiday, you may obtain your foreign currency from Al Baraka Bank

We offer:
- Foreign Banknotes at competitive rates, (US$, EURO €; POUND £; SAUDI RIYAL [when available]; AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR AUD; UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DIRHAM AED: INDIAN RUPEE INR )
- Free traveller’s will

Kingsmead (Dbn) 031 364 9200; Overport (Dbn) 031 209 1003; Fordsburg 011 8331154; Lenasia 011 852 6623; Laudium (Pta) 012 374 0041; Athlone (CT) 021 637 8800

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Albaraka Bank Limited is an authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider. Reg. No. 1989/003295/06 NCRCP 14 FSP No. 4652

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Ash-hadu ana-la ilaha illAllah, wahdahu la shareeka lahu, wa-anna Muammadan abduhu wa-rasuuluhu

(I testify that there is No God but Allah, alone without partners, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.) [Muslim; 1:209]

Allahumma ij'alni min at-tawwabiin, wa'ajalni minal mutat-tahhiriin

O Allah! Make me among those who are Repentant and of those who purify themselves. [Muslim, at-Tirmidhi; 1:78]

  • Gold: $1,676.25
  • Platinum: 1,676.38 oz
  • Silver: R9.57 /g
  • Oil: $ 109.66 / barrel
  • $: 8.80
  • €: 11.70
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  • Mahr Fatimi: R14650.71
  • Minimum Mahr: R293.01
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R5860.28
  • Krugerrand: R15,539.06
  • 24 carat gold: R476.76 /g
  • 22 carat gold: R437.40 /g
  • 18 carat gold: R357.55 /g
  • 14 carat gold: R278.23 /g
  • 09 carat gold: R180.18 /g

    As at (17/01/2013)

* Two accused of killing policeman - The two men accused of killing a Free State policeman during an armed robbery will apply for bail in the Bloemfontein Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

* Witch-hunt begins at SABC - The SABC’s acting chief operating officer, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, has launched a witch-hunt for employees suspected of leaking damaging information about him.

* Dogged MP steps into frontline - Parliament’s register of members’ interests for this year will include at least one startling declaration of a gift: an anti-flea product sent to DA MP David Maynier.

* Algeria troops 'in face-off' with militant hostage-takers - The kidnappers attacked and occupied the complex at In Amenas on Wednesday, after killing a Briton and an Algerian.

* US grounds Dreamliner fleet for safety checks - The United States has grounded its fleet of Boeing Dreamliners, as have aviation regulators in Europe, India and Japan, after an apparent battery problem forced one of All Nippon Airways' (ANA) jets to make an emergency landing on Wednesday.

Prawn Pasta salad

1 pkt of shell noodles boiled
1 tin sweetcorn kernels
1 kg divined prawns
2 tsp red chilli powder
< tsp vinegar
= lb butter
2 large green peppers cubed
1 = tsp crushed chillies
Salt to taste

Prawn cocktail crisp to decorate

Melt < lb butter in pot and braise cubed peppers, sweetcorn kernels, add cleaned prawn. Add 1 = tsp crushed chilli, 1 tsp chilli powder, salt to taste. Close pot and leave to steam until quiet dry +- 30min. Braise noodles with < lb butter and 1 tsp chilli powder , salt to taste and < cup vinegar. Braise well and add to prawn mixture. Decorate with fresh dhunia or parsley and prawn cocktail crisp.

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Loyalty to Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim - Ml M. Salim Dhorat

Ml Mohammed Salim Dhorat of Leicester UK delivered this talk on the importance of being loyal to our Leader Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim. Moulana mentioned that Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim was sent by Allah Ta’ala when humanity was enveloped in darkness. He, Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim, came with a `program’ that would take humanity from the misery of ignorance and darkness toward the Peace of knowledge and light. This `program’, as Moulana mentioned, is called Sunnah.

Moulana also explained that, no matter what category an `amal/action falls under viz. Fardh, Wajib, Mustahab or Sunnah, this is the way Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim carried out this action and should be emulated passionately.

The Path of Sunnah leads to the love of Allah Ta’ala. When one becomes the beloved of Allah Ta’ala, Allah takes care of his needs and resolves his problems. Moulana emphasised that if the entire Ummah becomes obedient to Rasulullah Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallim, Allah Ta’ala will surely change conditions for the better… Listen

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Pulling into the crowded parking lot at the shopping center rolled down the car windows to make sure my puppy had fresh air. She was stretched full out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she must remain there. I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger at the car and saying emphatically, "Now you stay. Do you hear me? "Stay! Stay!"

The driver of a nearby car gave me a strange look and said, "Why don't you just put your gear in park?"

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