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Tuesday, 05 Rabi'ul Awal 1435 H / 07 January 2014



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06.01.2014 - Mayyit of: Moosa Kaka, cousin of Ebrahim Mayet and Saleh Omar - VENUE: 329 Taj Street, Laudium, Gauteng, South Africa - TIME: 10h30 - QABARSTAAN: Laudium


06.01.2014 - Mayyit of: Jawaahir Mohammed, mother of the wife of Ahmed Agie Mather of Lenasia Nursery - VENUE: 11 Hermes Crst, Ext 9, Lenasia, Gauteng, South Africa - TIME: 13h45 - QABARSTAAN: Lenz

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)

Bakeries inside Syria require flour urgently

1 ton of flour makes nearly 10,000 Pita bread.
Bread to be distributed COST FREE to internally displaced Syrians.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is embarking on a project which will help provide Syrian bakeries with 1000 tons of flour by YEAR'S END. R4750 PER TON -



(10 Before Hijrah - 93 AH After Hijrah)

The complete name of this companion of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is Abu Thumaamah Anas bin Maalik bin An-Nadr bin Dumadam Al-Najaari Al-Khazraji Al-Ansaari. He was born in Madinah and entered Islam as a youth. Until the death of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), he personally attended to him.

It has been related by Muslim that Anas said, "My mother, Umm Saleem, took me with her to the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him). She covered me with half of her veil, and I retreated with it. She said, "O Messenger of Allah, this gentle companion is my son, I grant you him in your service". He supplicated to Allah for him, by saying: "O Lord, increase his wealth and his sons". Anas said: "By Allah, truly my wealth increased, and truly the number of my sons and my grandsons is more than one hundred, today".

He was not present at the Battle of Badr, or that of Uhud, due to his young age at the time they occurred. He served the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) for ten years. The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) never admonished Anas RA for the thing that he started, nor did he say anything about what he completed or did not complete, nor for the thing that he was not doing in order that he do it. It has been reported that suffering arose on Anas' land from thirst, so he prayed and supplicated. The clouds stirred until his land became dark and it rained until his cistern became full. He sent his servant to look at the extant of the reach of the clouds. He responded that they did not exceed the boundaries of his land.

Anas bin Maalik (Allah be pleased with him) reported two thousand two hundred and eighty-six Hadith (traditions) about the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him). He had travelled to Damascus and from there to Basra, where he died in the year 93 A.H. He was the last of the companions (Allah be pleased with all of them) of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to die in Basra.

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Cape Town
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It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. SUBHAANALLAH!!!

* Gold: $1 234.50 /ounce
* Platinum:$ 1,404.00 /ounce
* Silver: R7.49 /g
* Oil: $
107.76 / barrel
* $: R10.69
* €: R14.54
* £: R17.47
* Saudi Riyaal: R2.85
* Mahr Fatimi: R11 466.44
* Minimum Mahr: R229.32
* Zakaah Nisaab: R4586.57
* Krugerrand: R13 863.90
* 24 carat gold: R425.47 /g
* 22 carat gold: R390.27 /g
* 18 carat gold: R319.08 /g
* 14 carat gold: R248.31 /g
* 09 carat gold: R160.71 /g

As at (06/01/2014)


* Experts warn against private, public school comparison - Experts have warned against comparing the quality of education in public and private schools ahead of the release of the 2013 matric results.

* Traffic cop hands himself over for murder - Johannesburg - A chief traffic officer from Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga handed himself over to police in connection with the murder of his estranged wife and two children, police said.

* One of KZN's most wanted criminals nabbed - Durban - A 37-year-old man accused of house robbery, theft and false pretences has been arrested in Isipingo near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

* Iraq army assault to eject al-Qaeda - Battles in Anbar province comes after government vowed to launch "major attack" to retake Fallujah from fighters.

* Sudan president meet with Salva Kiir - Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is in Juba for talks with President Salva Kiir over the conflict in South Sudan, reports say.


Al Baraka’s Foreign Exchange gives you access to foreign currencies.

Are you planning to go for Haj, Umrah or travelling abroad on business or holiday, you may obtain your foreign currency from Al Baraka Bank

We offer:
- Foreign Banknotes at competitive rates, (US$, EURO €; POUND £; SAUDI RIYAL [when available]; AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR AUD; UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DIRHAM AED: INDIAN RUPEE INR )
- Free traveller’s will

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8oz Butter - 1/3 Cup Castor Sugar - ¼ Cup Rice Flour - 21/4 Cups plain Flour.

Cream butter and sugar until light and creamy. Stir in sifted flours in two batches. When mixtures become too stiff to stir use your hand to combine ingredients. Turn onto a lightly floured surface. Knead lightly till smooth. Press mixture evenly into greased pan and mark into squares or rectangles, prick with a fork. Bake at 150c for 45 minutes. Sprinkle castor sugar. Cool on wire rack.

Choc-chips can be added to the dough.


A Cajun named, Jean Paul, moved to Texas and bought a donkey from an old farmer named Ben for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

The next day, Ben drove up and said, "Sorry, but I have some bad news. The donkey died."

"Well, then, just give me the money back," said Jean Paul
"Can't do that. I went and spent it already." Replied Ben
"OK, then. Just unload the donkey," said Jean Paul.
"What ya going to do with him?" asked Ben.
"I'm going to raffle him off," said Jean Paul.
"You can't raffle off a dead donkey!" uttered Ben.
"Sure can. Watch me. I just won't tell that he's dead," said Jean Paul.

A month later Ben met up with the Cajun and asked, "What happened with that dead donkey?"

"I raffled him off, I did. I sold 500-hunderd tickets at two dollars a piece and made a profit of $898," said Jean Paul.

"Didn't anyone complain?" inquired Ben.

"Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two dollars back,” said Jean Paul.

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