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Thursday, 18 June 2015 / 01 Ramadaan 1436 AH  


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17.06.2015 - Mayyit of: Fatima Ahmed Patel - VENUE: 70 - 10th Avenue Mayfair - TIME - 11h00 - QABARSTAAN: Newclare

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)



This story comes from Persia, an area now known as the countries of Afghanistan and Iran.

Once there was a King of Persia who liked to ask riddles. He particularly liked to ask his four advisors riddles. Sometimes the King knew the answer. Other times he didn’t. The King asked those riddles to hear what his advisors would say.

One day, just before the beginning of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, the King of Persia asked his four advisors, "What is the sweetest sound?"

The first advisor immediately said, "Oh, your Majesty, that is such a simple riddle. The sweetest sound is the sound of a flute."

The second advisor disagreed. "Yes, the sound of a flute is sweet. But the sweetest sound is the sound of a harp."

The third advisor shook his head and declared, "The flute and the harp do make sweet sounds. However, I have heard a violin. And that is, by far, the sweetest sound."

The King looked at his fourth advisor who merely smiled. The King nodded at him, saying, "Hmm, it looks as if my fourth advisor is not yet ready to give his answer. I will wait until he is ready."

Days passed. The month of Ramadan started. The King of Persia stopped asking riddles and spent more time in prayer, as is the custom during Ramadan.

You see, during the month of Ramadan, all Muslim adults refrained from eating and drinking between daybreak and sunset. This fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The fasting serves many purposes. First, the time and energy normally spent preparing food and eating can be spent contemplating and praying. Second, the fasting reminds people of the poor and how it feels to be hungry. Charity is another of the Five Pillars of Islam. Third, fasting helps teach people self-control. If they can avoid things which are good for them, think of how much easier it will be to avoid things which are bad for them.

After sunset each day, the fast is broken by a meal, called the Iftar. Often people invite friends over for the Iftar.

So it was not unusual when the fourth advisor invited the King and the other three advisors over for the Iftar one evening. When the King and the three other advisors arrived, they were quite surprised. The fourth advisor ushered them into the dining room, but there were no platters of food on the table, just empty plates and silverware. Nor could they smell any cooking smells from the kitchen. They looked at each other questioningly.

Just then, a man came in playing the flute. It was a sweet sound. He was followed by a man playing the harp, then by another playing the violin. Finally, the three musicians played together, beautiful, intricate music, which was also somewhat loud. That was just as well, because all their stomachs were growling.

Finally, one of the lesser kitchen servants came in, carrying a simple pot and a ladle. As the ladle, brimming with stew, hit the first plate, the King smiled broadly and said, "Yes, yes, my fourth advisor. You are right. The sweetest sound is the sound of silverware hitting a plate when you are hungry. As the proverb says, the most delicious meal is the meal that you eat when you are hungry."


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* North Korea says it faces worst drought in a century - North Korea says it is facing the worst drought in a century, sparking fears of worsening food shortages.

* Egypt court confirms Morsi death sentence - It also sentenced Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, to life in prison on charges of spying for the Palestinian Hamas movement, Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah and Iran.

* 'Elephant rockets' kill dozens in Damascus suburb - The Syrian regime has used so-called elephant rockets in an attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma, killing at least 27 people.

* Baby Jordan killers to make bid for parole - The two men jailed for killing six-month-old baby Jordan-Leigh Norton are expected to apply for parole in the Paarl Magistrate's Court.

* Outcry after pupil hit in front of teacher - Footage showing a pupil assaulting another in class, allegedly in the presence of a teacher who seems unbothered by the attack, has enraged the Gauteng Department of Education.


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Jimmys butternut & spinach

Butter nut
Cube butternut, steam with salt & 4T sugar when soft mash with butter & a little fresh cream. Can add more sugar afterwards if required.

Sauté 1 onions in ghee add salt, pepper, green chillies, little garlic & braise spinach till done. In a separate pot make a white sauce with butter, flour & milk when sauce thickens add 1tsp aromat, 3T mayonnaise& half a cup grated cheese mix in spinach & serve side by side.

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DISCLAIMER: Radio Islam does not guarantee the Shariah Compliance of any business, insurance or financial instituition whose services are advertised with us!!!
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