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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 / 22 Shawwal 1437H 


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26-07-2016 - Mayyit of: Mariam Bibi Rajah - VENUE: 28 Shepstone Place Westville - TIME: 10h00 - QABARSTAAN: Westville


26-07-2016 - Mayyit of: Mohammed Akjee - VENUE: 17 Boundry Road Port Shepstone - TIME: 13h30 - QABARSTAAN: Port Shepstone


26-07-2016 - Mayyit of: Razaak Jacobs - VENUE: 1301 Constant Flats Newclare - TIME: 10h00 - QABARSTAAN: Newclare

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)



A Countryman’s son by accident trod upon a Serpent’s tail, which turned and bit him so that he died. The father in a rage got his axe, and pursuing the Serpent, cut off part of its tail. So the Serpent in revenge began stinging several of the Farmer’s cattle and caused him severe loss.

Well, the Farmer thought it best to make it up with the Serpent, and brought food and honey to the mouth of its lair, and said to it: ‘Let’s forget and forgive; perhaps you were right to punish my son, and take vengeance on my cattle, but surely I was right in trying to revenge him; now that we are both satisfied why should not we be friends again?’

‘No, no,’ said the Serpent; ‘take away your gifts; you can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail.’

MORAL: Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.


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Are you planning to go for Haj, Umrah or travelling abroad on business or holiday, you may obtain your foreign currency from Al Baraka Bank

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Kingsmead (Dbn) 031 364 9200; Overport (Dbn) 031 209 1003; Fordsburg 011 377 0000; Lenasia 011 852 6623; Laudium (Pta) 012 374 0041; Athlone (CT) 021 684 0000; Rosebank Bureau De Change 011 268 5891/2/3

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Spending the nights in prayer, as well as encouraging the family to do so. The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: "Whoever stands in prayer with the Imam until its conclusion, will be like the one who prayed the whole night." [Narrated by at-Tirmidhi (who graded it as sahih), Abu Dawud, an-Nisa'i, and Ibn Majah]

"Whoever establishes prayers during the nights of Ramadhan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah's rewards, all his past sins will be forgiven." [Narrated by al-Bukhari]

Al-Imdaad Foundation

* Bomb Rocks African Union Base Near Airport - Explosions rocked an African Union peacekeeping base and the airport in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, police and local residents.

* Bernie Sanders urges support for Clinton - To both tears and cheers, former presidential nominee Bernie Sanders took the podium at the Democratic National Convention to urge his supporters to come together and vote for Hillary Clinton, telling them they cannot "sit out" the election.

* Japan knife attack: At least 19 dead - At least 19 people were killed and 26 injured in a stabbing spree at a facility for disabled people west of Tokyo, making it one of Japan's deadliest mass killings since World War II.

* Two rescued after rain floods Amanzimtoti building - Two women were rescued from a flooded building on Kingsway Road in the Amanzimtoti CBD.

* Extreme conditions around SA - Large parts of South Africa are in the grip of icy, wet, wintry weather. Follow our live updates of the situation across the country.

* Gold: $1 313.15 /ounce
* Platinum: $ 1,088.62 /ounce
* Silver: R9.68 /g
* Oil: $ 44.87 /barrel
* $: R14.29
* €: R15.73
* £: R18.71
* Saudi Riyal: R3.81
* Mahr Fatimi: R14 819.11 (1530.90 grams of Silver)
* Minimum Mahr: R296.38 (30.618 grams of Silver)
* Zakaah Nisaab: R5927.64 (612.36 grams of Silver)
* Krugerrand: R19 808.63
* 24 carat gold: R607.50 /g
* 22 carat gold: R557.25 /g
* 18 carat gold: R455.60 /g
* 14 carat gold: R354.49 /g
* 09 carat gold: R229.21 /g

As at (26/07/2016)
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6 cups cake flour
125g butter/ margarine
2 eggs
2 tsp salt
4 dessert spoons sugar
2 pkt yeast
2 cups lukewarm milk
¾ cup lukewarm water
1 kg sausage

Steam sausage and allow to cool. Sift together flour, sugar, salt and yeast. Melt butter in lukewarm water and milk and allow to cool. Whip eggs into above mixture. Make a well in the flour mixture and pour in fluid mixture. Stir or mix thoroughly and allow to rise for about an hour. After rising make balls approx the size of a roti ball. Roll out bake roti approx to a size of a side plate cut in half and cut out 3 triangles from each half. Dot mebos chutney or or any other chutney in the centre before placing down sausage piece of approx 3-4cm. Roll from the broad side of the triangle and place on baking tray allowing it to rise for a while before baking. Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds before baking. Bake at 180 C for 20 – 30 minutes or until golden brown

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Ml Timol will Insha Allah! be undertaking the yearly trip to Rajasthan for Qurbani

R980.00 for 7 shares
R140.00 per share

Ml Timol - 011 852 6324 / 011 852 8584 / 082 368 6866 / 072 2999 268


ACCOUNT NAME: Operation Qurbani | BANK: FNB | BRANCH: Trade Route Mall | BRANCH CODE: 250056 | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62196443734


So there's this man with a parrot. And his parrot swears like a sailor, I mean he's a pistol. He can swear for five minutes straight without repeating himself.

The trouble is that the guy who owns the parrot is a quiet, conservative type, and this bird's foul mouth is driving him crazy.

One day, it gets to be too much, so the guy grabs the bird by the throat, shakes him really hard, and yells, "QUIT IT!" But this just makes the bird mad and he swears more than ever.

Then the guy gets mad and says, "That's it. I'll get you." and locks the bird in a kitchen cabinet.

This really aggravates the bird and he claws and scratches, and when the guy finally lets him out, the bird cuts loose with a stream of invective that would make a veteran sailor blush.

At that point, the guy is so mad that he throws the bird into the freezer.

For the first few seconds, there is a terrible din. The bird kicks and claws and thrashes. Then it suddenly goes very quiet.

At first the guy just waits, but then he starts to think that the bird may be hurt. After a couple of minutes of silence, he's so worried that he opens up the freezer door.

The bird calmly climbs onto the man's outstretched arm and says, "Awfully sorry about the trouble I gave you. I'll do my best to improve my vocabulary from now on."

The man is astounded. He can't understand the transformation that has come over the parrot.

Then the parrot says, "By the way, what did the chicken do?"

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