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Monday, 06 June 2016


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Ramadhan Mubaarak

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In the name of the Almighty Allah to Whom belongs all praise, and salutations upon the best of humanity, Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam).

A spiritual season, which commenced with the fragrant breezes of Rajab and Sha’baan, has now found its climax in the splendour of Ramadan.

Ushering in this season of spiritual indulgence are the angelic calls of “O Seeker of good, advance!” and “O Seeker of evil, desist!”. (Tirmizi: The Chaper on Saum)

Your Rabb declares: "Call unto me, and I will answer you!"

All of a sudden, the devils are detained; the doors of Jahannam are shut and the gates of Jannah are flung wide open. The anthem for the season is the Qur’aan; the fragrance is musk; and the scenery comes in hues of mercy, forgiveness and emancipation from Jahannam.

The team at Radio Islam International invite you to join us this holy month, as we harvest the fruits of Ramadhan – The Season of Change!

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) has mentioned, “If my Ummah realise what Ramadhan really is, they would wish the whole year should just be Ramadhan”.

This Ramadan, the Radio Islam team has tailored our offerings to promote a state of being that envisages the lifestyle changes sparked in Ramadan flourishing within ourselves well beyond the Holy Month. Plug into our community and discover how to diversify your goal portfolio and create a launching pad for new habits that you would be able to carry forward throughout the year.

Attractions for Ramadhan 1437 on Radio Islam include:

LIVE broadcast of Mufti Ismail Menk’s Tafseer post-Taraweeh (21h15, Nightly) from the Bosmont Masjid. Mufti Menk will also participate in a weekly discussion set to air every Wednesday during Ramadhan (09h00-10h00).

To be aired daily at 11:10am (Repeat 8:45pm), our Random Acts of Kindness challenge will movingly demonstrate how all it takes is JUST ONE Random Act of Kindness to change a life, shape a future or warm a heart. To share the blessings, simply write an essay of 300 words on a Random Act of Kindness that someone may have done for you or you may have done for someone. Email your submission to and stand a chance to win R5000 (More details on

Keep an ear out for our Ramadhan Rihla outside broadcast team who may be rolling into your town for Jummuah Talks, Iftaar Drives, Taraweeh Broadcasts, Suhoor Sittings, Kiddie’s programs, Muslim School Contests, Interactive Q & A sessions and a bagful of other exciting features. Stopovers in Kelvin/Marlboro, Springs, as well as various other Towns and dorpies across KZN.

In The Global Village: The Vast Expanse of an Unknown World Discovered! – our specially commissioned Ramadan 1437 documentary, learn more about the fascinating journey of Ibn Battuta, the first ever travel writing by Ibn Jubair, and the courageous Chinese explorer, Zheng He. We bring you stories from the travels and lives of nine Muslim explorers that brought us modern day geography, map-making and cross-border trade. Mondays to Fridays at 8:15am (Repeat 6:50pm).

Buckle up for The Best of Three Quiz where, in the end, there can only be one contestant with sufficient tenacity to prevail. A gobsmacking R60 000 is up for grabs, when each evening three earmarked participants bend their neurons around conundrums, posed from Quran, Seerah, general knowledge and politics. The brain of the day will receive R1000 and proceed onwards to a weekly final, where more interesting challenges await. The overall winner will walk away R20 000. Contests daily at 6pm. Weekly finals Saturday after Taraweeh.

You simply cannot afford to miss this year’s version of our trademark drama 221 b Baker Street, crammed with ever more intrigue and adrenalin. Now to be aired Monday to Friday at 7:30am with repeats at 6:30pm & 9:45pm and an omnibus on Sundays at 2pm. Shamseer is the town’s only “consulting detective” better known as a private investigator. Waseem is an inexperienced yet trained policeman. Shamseer’s logical and independent mindset is often a cause of contention between him and the Police Force of his town, which prevents him from officially working with them and joining their team. Until a case, which only logic and deduction will solve, crops up in town.

Bring together an expert speller from Grade 6 or 7, a budding orator from grade 8 or 9 and 3 debating protégés from grade 10 or 11 and, Voila! You have the War of The Words, our Saturday morning inter-school challenge between 9 and 11am. Open to children aged 10 to 14 years; participants from the applicable grades are to be selected by their teachers to participate in a Spelling Bee, Speech Contest and Debate respectively. Guaranteed cash prizes.

This Could’ve been us …” Ejaz Khan’s sketches are no doubt amongst the crowd favorites during Ramadaan and this one promises to be no different! Toying between 2 possible outcomes to a given situation, it highlights our shortfalls as human beings, in a quirky and humorous way. Life Lessons galore, and a guaranteed mood lifter.

Insha Allah, our Ramadan scheduling line-up will also see the following tune-ups this year:

Suhoor in the company of Ml Sulaiman Ravat and Ml Ibrahim Daya

Mufti Moosagie will be in the driving seat for the Ramadan edition of Sabahul Muslim, 6-9am weekdays, with a comprehensive grasp of all the news that matters to you locally and abroad. Also featuring a daily election desk, as South Africa’s municipal elections loom

The After? comes? Show - Hosted by Ejaz Khan and Tufayl Patel, this show is filled with light hearted discussions focused mainly at the youth. Interactive segments, social media based topics and nasheed charts. Monday to Fridays 3-4 PM

An Iftaar of Reflection, live from KZN with Ml Junaid Kharsani from 4pm to till Iftaar.

On Sundays, sensitize yourself to a new, fresh flavour, as Ml Mohammed Kara and Ml Sajjaad Timol, accompanied by Sheikh Samih Jaad serve you Iftaar live from a local township. Hear of the story of Islam in these cosmopolitan hubs, meet the community’s new Muslims and be immersed in the culture of the Kasie. 3.30pm-Iftaar.


The first step to change, is to believe that we can change. Ramadan represents the season, precisely configured to realise this: Progressing from being seasonal Muslims to lifelong Muslims; graduating from selective faith to all-embracing submission.

May this Season of Change be the stepping stone to your realisation of a change for all seasons. Aameen

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