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Monday, 03 April 2017 / 05 Rajab 1438H


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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)


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He was an exalted companion and the brother of 'Ibaadah bin As-Saamit. He was in attendance at the Battle of Badr and all of them with the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him). He was the one who told his wife that she was like his mother, (he was making her unlawful to him by that statement). His wife, Khaulah bint Tha'alabah said: "My husband, Aous bin As-Saamit, turned his back on me". Thus the noble verse of the Quran was revealed: {Indeed Allah has heard the statement of her [Khaulah bint Tha'alibah] that disputes with you [Mohammed] concerning her husband [Aous bin As-Saamat] and complains to Allah. And Allah hears the argument between you both. Verily Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.}, (She That Disputes, Chapter 58, Verse 1).

Aous was one of the first champions of Islam, as well as having been a poet. From his poetry, as reported by Ibn Abbass (Allah be pleased with them both): “Ana ibnu 'Amru wah Wajdi Abuhu 'Aamir ma'a As-Samaa'i.”

He and Shadaad bin Aous Al-Ansaari resided in Bait Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem). It has been said that he died in Ramlah in the land of Filistine (Palestine), in the year 34 A.H., when he was seventy-two years.

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Toe wrestling is a national sport in Britain. It involves 2 opponents who lock feet and attempt to pin the other's foot down.
Al-Imdaad Foundation

* Conflict Now Eroding Food Security in 'Stable' Areas of South Sudan - UN Mission - The ongoing conflict in South Sudan is affecting food security in some of the country's more "stable" states.

* EU to lay out Brexit response, set negotiating priorities- The European Union will tell Britain how it aims to negotiate its “orderly withdrawal” from the bloc, limit uncertainties for businesses and pave the way for a close future partnership.

* Mosimane deflects pressure away from Sundowns - Whether he fully believes his own words is another story, but Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane says his team are not favourites to successfully defend their league title.

* Man accused of R500 million corruption found dead on hotel room floor - One of South Africa’s most wanted fugitives, facing a R500 million fraud and corruption charge.

* Ramaphosa, Mantashe 'rejected' Zuma's reasons for axing Gordhan -  Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe made a last ditch effort to try and persuade President Jacob Zuma not to fire Pravin Gordhan, but failed.

* Gold: $1,248.80/ ounce
* Platinum: $ 946.90 /ounce
* Silver: R8.09 /g
* Oil: $ 52.71 /barrel
* $: R13.53
* €: R14.44
* £: R16.86
* Saudi Riyal: R3.59
* Mahr Fatimi: R12.461.53 (1530.90 grams of Silver)
* Minimum Mahr: R249.23 (30.618 grams of Silver)
* Zakaah Nisaab: R4984.61 (612.36 grams of Silver)
* Krugerrand: R16,884.83
* 24 carat gold: R518.93/g
* 22 carat gold: R475.79/g
* 18 carat gold: R389.15/g
* 14 carat gold: R302.97/g
* 09 carat gold: R196.17/g

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1 tin ideal milk – refridgerate overnight
500g strawberry yoghurt
¼ cup castor sugar
1 strawberry jelly
chopped strawberries

Beat ideal milk till frothy and double in volumne. Add sugar and beat. Mix in yoghurt.Dissolve jelly in 1 cup boiling water.Add to mixture. Mix in chopped strawberries.Allow to set.


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Once a renowned philosopher and moralist was traveling through Nasruddin's village and asked Nasruddin where there was a good place to eat. Nasruddin suggested a place and the scholar, hungry for conversation, invited Mullah Nasruddin to join him. Much obliged, Mullah Nasruddin accompanied the scholar to a nearby restaurant, where they asked the waiter about the special of the day.
"Fish! Fresh Fish!" replied the waiter.
"Bring us two," they requested.

A few minutes later, the waiter brought out a large platter with two cooked fish on it, one of which was quite a bit smaller than the other. Without hesitating, Mullah Nasruddin took the larger of the fish and put in on his plate. The scholar, giving Mullah Nasruddin a look of intense disbelief, proceeded to tell him that what he did was not only flagrantly selfish, but that it violated the principles of almost every known moral, religious, and ethical system. Mullah Nasruddin listened to the philosopher's extempore lecture patiently, and when he had finally exhausted his resources, Mullah Nasruddin said,

"Well, Sir, what would you have done?"

"I, being a conscientious human, would have taken the smaller fish for myself." said the scholar.

"And here you are," Mullah Nasrudin said, and placed the smaller fish on the gentleman's plate.

MORAL: For the innovative, there always exists a perspective in which "doing unto others as you'd do unto yourself" pays off.

It is never wise to pretend to more morality then you have, you may have to deal with the consequences. (The correct answer would have been: "Taken a half of each so neither of us would be at a loss.")

If the philosopher was such a kind and wise person that he was supposed to be, he did not even care of Nasrudin taking the big fish. The noblest philosophy and erudition can be used for selfish ends.

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