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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 / 27 Sha'ban 1438H


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When Radio Islam sprung onto the local media scene in 1997, its visionary founders had a distinct set of objectives in mind. By transmitting the core tenets of Islam as conveyed by suitably learned scholars into the homes and vehicles of thousands, this untapped medium was to be a Madressah on-air, a source of spiritual companionship, and a learning station for an Ummah caught at the crossroads of cataclysmic global change.

In the phases that followed, Radio Islam refined its identity, overcame major challenges –including some threatening its very existence, and widened its reach. And just as the advances in technology began drawing people and places closer than ever to each other, Radio Islam poised itself to capture the moment, broadening its sense of connection, to make the world our community.

The ways people communicate today unquestionably differ vastly from the era wherein our journey first began, and Radio Islam itself has responsibly embraced many of globe’s freshly evolved media. Yet, for all that has passed in time, the same values which served as our springboard to the broadcast scene in 1997 remain the impetus for all our initiatives and expansions, even in 2017.

Exactly 2 decades into our journey, we are still spiritually anchored, educationally minded and community driven – Alhamdulillah!

The dawn of Ramadan 1438 / 2017 at this stage then, brings us to a much-needed station for reflection on all that has transpired in our high-speed personal and collective journeys over the last while.

We shall all be fasting – abstaining from food, drink and marital relations, as prescribed. But, as Imam al Ghazali reminds us, this can be considered as ‘ordinary fasting’ – simply the first step on the lofty spiritual ladder. This great sage was more keen to draw our attention to ‘special fasting’ – a nobler state, which entails keeping our ears, eyes, tongue, hands and feet – and all other organs – free from sin.

And hence, this Ramadan, as we sweeten our tongues with the words of the Qur’aan, we also acknowledge this tongue as an organ that wields unbelievable power: the power to destroy nations, families and a lifetime of friendship; the power to end wars and feuds, and the power to make the hardest hearts smile. Through our featured Ramadan theme, ‘Taming the Tongue’ we will exhibit how our personalities are defined by the words that we utter. And throughout this auspicious month, be sure to follow our programming for a ‘how-to’ guide on protecting the tongue from lying, backbiting, scandal mongering, obscenity, rudeness, wrangling and controversy. Because, for too long, have hearts and societies been fractured by the waywardness of wagging tongues…

Also on our Ramadan menu this year:

The favourites

  • Tafseer: Mufti Ismail Menk presents Part 2 of Save Yourself: Lessons from Verses of the Noble Qur’aan daily after 10pm from Masjid al Quds in Cape Town. Mufti Menk is also on-air with the Spiritual Voyage Wednesdays between 9 and 10am

  • Suhoor: Uplifting companionship in the wee hours of the morning, after the Zikr programme, with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat and Moulana Ebrahim Daya

  • Iftaar: A voyage through the most spiritually charged moments of the day with Moulana Suhaib Lasanya

  • Ulama on Call: Flagship QnA programmes on Tuesday evenings (9 pm) and Sunday mornings(10 am), ongoing practical Fiqh education, social and tarbiyah programmes and dedicated Zakaah QnA on Thursday evenings (9pm)

Little stars: Butterfly Corner

  • Ramadan surprises await the kiddies just before the nightly rapid-fire quiz (17 45 pm)

Durban Masala

  • Radio Islam International inaugurated its state-of-the-art KZN studios at Crescent Towers, overlooking Masjid Hilaal, in Overport, last October, and this Ramadan presents a sterling opportunity to lap up all the robust on-air flavours this coastal hub has to offer.

Moulana Junaid Kharsany presents Sabahul Muslim daily from 6-8am

Sumaya Jamal and Muallima Zakira Ansarmeah and are live on Wednesdays and Fridays (2pm) respectively with Hayaatus Shabaab and Friday Fusion and Apa Farzanah Adam highlights stories that fall Between the Cracks on Tuesday mornings after 8 am.

Benefit from the scholarly expertise of KZN’s finest:

  • Paradigm Shifts on Friday morning (9 am) with Moulana Bilaal Islam, talking finance on At Taajir –Tuesday mornings with Mufti Ismail Bassa, Lessons in Anger Management on Friday evenings (9pm) with Moulana Ahmed Akoo and a masterclass in Human Development with Moulana Junaid Kajee on Wednesdays.

  • For the evenings (9pm), Edris Khamissa sparks lively social commentary in-house on Mondays, whilst AB Dawjee talks Global Politics affecting the Ummah on Sundays.

Featured campaigns

  • For those who were there for you during life’s most painful moments, from the loss of a loved one to financial constraints, facing a terminal illness, or falling victim to crime; those who gave you reason to smile after tragedy brought you to your knees, there is Radio Islam’s ‘Pillar of Strength’ tribute - a campaign that honours society’s hidden heroes. An opportunity to thank those who walked into one’s life and left a permanent footprint. Written submissions are invited with prizes guaranteed for the winning tribute.

  • Tooling our youth to articulate themselves coherently on the issues affecting our society and cultivating their confidence, Moulanas Yusuf Omar and Habib Bobat touch base at schools, Saturdays 9-11am, all this Ramadan, overseeing the intrepid ‘Learners go Live’ . Students from across South Africa get the opportunity to host their own radio show and speak their minds. Most authentic presentations win cash prizes.

Our renowned Ramadhan Rihla caravan continues charting its course across our listenership terrain. Among the stopovers this year will be Polokwane, Welkom and Botswana. 

  • Radio Islam personalities will bring you Jummuah Talks, the Iftaar Drive, hometown Taraweeh broadcasts, the Suhoor Program, kiddies programmes, interactive QnA’s and more. (Our weekend Iftaar team is also set to take broadcasts to a selection of townships within our listenership area).


  • A whopping R60 000 is up for grabs on the Radio Islam Rapid Fire Quiz this Ramadan, and Moulana Kara and Lasanya are waiting for you to claim your share of the loot. Go head to head with 2 fellow contestants each evening. Bend your mind around 7 questions drawn from themes ranging from Quran and Seerah, to general knowledge and politics. The daily winner rakes in R1000 instantly and gets a chance to participate again on the weekend.  Overall winner scores a gigantic R25 000 and runner up gets R4000. Daily at 6pm, and weekly finals on Saturdays after Taraweeh.

  • Heartbreak is our aptly named 2017 drama series that chronicles the emotional and psychological toll of divorce and marital turbulence on all affected parties, especially children. How post-divorce living is often far from a bed of roses; tales of emotional blackmail, infamous custody battles and a gauntlet to adults to live up to the demands of being parental role models. Episodes broadcast 7.30am and 18.30 daily. Omnibus on Sunday afternoons.

  • The After comes Show with Ejaz Khan and Tufayl Patel is back between 3-4.30pm Mondays-Thursday this Ramadan. Free flowing discussion, interactive segments and freshness curated specially for a youthful audience.

New additions

  • The Spiritual Sword, a set-piece documentary on the life and times of the great Muslim warrior Salahuddin al Ayyubi RA. Airs daily at 8.15am 
  • Three Talk with Moulana Yusuf Omar, Moulana Yusuf Ravat and Hafez Sa’d Jada – Monday-Thursday 11-12pm
  • Ummah Hearts with Muallima Zaheerah Carrim. Mondays 2-3pm. All the garam samacha delivered in the mother-tongue on the Gujarati Show premiering on Saturday evenings

Radio Islam International: 1997 to 2017 - 20 years of inspiration.

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