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Friday, 23 March 2018/05 Rajab 1439H


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22-03-2018 - Mayyit of: Abdul Bakie Tickly    - VENUE: 14 Bilal Drive  Roshnee - TIME: 13h30 - QABARSTAAN: Lenasia


22-03-2018 - Mayyit of: Zulaykha Saloojee  - VENUE: 22 Nirvana Drive  Lenasia - TIME: 10h45 - QABARSTAAN: Lenasia


22-03-2018 - Mayyit of: Mohammed Anver Ebrahim Surtee    - VENUE: 2 Wolk Street Lakefield Benoni - TIME: 13h45 - QABARSTAAN: Boksburg

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)


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by Sheikh Ali ibn Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaifi - 02 Jumaadal Ukhra 1437

His Eminence Sheikh Ali ibn Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaifi, may Allah preserve him, delivered the Friday Khutbah entitled, “The Duties of Allah’s Servants,” in which he talked about the duties of Allah’s servants as prescribed in Islam, including their duties towards Allah, Exalted be He, and towards their parents, in addition to the other duties that they should perform. He elaborated on the duties of children towards their parents, citing textual evidence from the Qur’an and the Sunnah to show the importance of fulfilling such duties. read more

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DUA (prayer)

The messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever enters the market and says:

"None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, alone, without partner, to Him belongs all sovereignty and praise. He gives life and causes death, and He is living and does not die. In His hand is all good and He Omnipotent over all things."

..Allah will wipe a million bad deeds from his record and grant him a million good deeds, and will elevate him a million degree (of virtue)- ([and will build him a house in paradise] in another narration).

laa ilaaha ill-allaahu waḥdahu laa shareeka lah, lah-ul-mulku wa lahul-ḥamdu, yuḥyee wa yumeetu wa huwa ḥayun laa yamootu, bi yadi-hil-khayru, wa huwa ‛alaa kulli shay’in qadeer

Sources: At-Tirmidhi No# 3428 and 3429; Ibn Majah No# 2235 and others.

Al-Imdaad Foundation

* Iran managed to foil US terrorist plot in Middle East: Leader - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Islamic Republic of Iran has well managed to defuse a plot by the United States to spread terrorism and cause rifts in the Middle East region to avert attention from the Zionist regime of Israel.

* N Koran top diplomat arrives in China after talks in Finland - A senior North Korean diplomat has arrived in China following a visit to Finland, where he held informal talks with officials from South Korea and the United States over possible a possible summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

* Trump set to announce China sanctions after IP probe - The Trump administration plans to announce sanctions against China after determining that the country is encouraging the theft and transfer of intellectual property from US businesses.

* Ramaphosa: SA borders 'need to be open for Africans to move freely and to promote business' - South Africa's borders need to be open for people – particularly Africans – to move more freely and to promote business.

* Motshekga to hold urgent meeting with MECs, HODs to eradicate pit toilets - Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga will hold an urgent meeting with education officials on Thursday, including MECs and HODs to discuss poor ablution facilities at the country's schools in line with an instruction from the president.

* Gold: $1,311.00 /ounce
* Platinum: $  958.36 /ounce
* Silver: R6.57 /g
* Oil: $ 69.50 /barrel
* $: R11.85
* €: R14.63
* £: R16.77
* Saudi Riyal: R3.16
* Mahr Fatimi: R10 058.01 (1530.90 grams of Silver)
* Minimum Mahr: R201.16 (30.618 grams of Silver)
* Zakaah Nisaab: R4023.20 (612.36 grams of Silver)
* Krugerrand: R16 617.54
* 24 carat gold: R505.83 /g
* 22 carat gold: R464.59 /g
* 18 carat gold: R380.05 /g
* 14 carat gold: R295.88 /g
* 09 carat gold: R191.47 /g

As at (22/03/2018)
Spiced cubed steak with savoury rice

1kg Cubed Steak - 7 ml Salt to taste - 1 = tsps ground Dhania - 1 tsp Ground Jeero - 1 tsp crushed dired red chillies - 3 tsps plain Ginger/Garlic - 3 whole cloves - 3 whole allspice - 3 cardomon seeds (elachi) - 2 pieces stick cinnamon - A few strands of Saffron - 50ml Sunflower Oil - 3 large onions thinly sliced - 1 large ripe tomato grated or finely chopped.

Combine all the spices and toss with meat. Heat oil in a large saucepan add onions and braise until golden. Add meat and spices and cook covered on medium heat until tender. Add tomato and cook a further 15 minutes adding a pinch of sugar if desired. Serve hot on a bed of savory rice.

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THE 'Chain Saw'

A farmer walks into a hardware store and asks for a chain saw that will cut 6 trees in one hour. The salesman recommends the top of the line model. The farmer is suitably impressed, and buys it. The next day he brings it back and says, "This chainsaw is defective. It would only cut down 1 tree and it took ALL DAMN DAY!" The salesman takes the chain saw, starts it up to see what's wrong, and the farmer says, "What's that noise?"

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