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Friday, 21 February 2020 / 26 Jumadal Ukhra 1441 AH


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20-02-2020 - Mayyit of:  Rashida Akhalwaya - VENUE: 11 Ross Road Darrenwood Randburg  - TIME: 14H00 - QABARSTAAN: West Park

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)


Relief Through Supplication

By Shaykh al-Haram Salih Muhammad Al-Talib

Fear Allah and be dutiful to Him. Stay away from sins. For sins destroy. Know that you have a Lord Whom you are going to meet and a house in which you are going to live after your death. Seek the pleasure of your Lord before you meet Him and properly build your house before you move into it.

Fellow Muslims! We are the Ummah of Quran and Sunnah, the Ummah of divine guidance. We are the Ummah of the right path, but we did not stay on this path.

Brethren in faith! All hardships and tribulations that afflict the Muslims are just like whips that drive them back to Imaan and Tawheed. They remind them of Allah the Almighty; they encourage them to turn back to Him in repentance and to fear the Day of Judgement. Allah says: "See they not that they are tried once or twice every year (with different kinds of calamities, disease, famine)? Yet, they turn not in repentance, nor do they learn a lesson (from it). (At-Tawbah 9:126) read more




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THE 99 NAMES OF ALLAH (Asmaa ul Husnaa)

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) has said: "Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise." (Sahih Bukhari 50:894)

Abu Huraira RA reported Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) as saying: "There are ninety-nine names of Allah; he who commits them to memory would get into Paradise. Verily, Allah is Odd (He is one, and it is an odd number) and He loves odd numbers.." (Sahih Muslim Book-48 Hadith-5)


AR-RAQEEB: The Watchful - The One Who is closely watching over His creation, hearing, seeing and knowing everything. He is the Observer and Witness who is never absent from the scene. Ar-Raqeeb watches you wherever you are, whatever you do, and whenever you do it and He even knows your unspoken intentions.





* The Skull Breaker Challenge - Not to sound like a typical mother but it is appalling what children are doing on social media these days! Sure, everybody wants to be famous, but it gets real serious, real fast when it becomes too dangerous. 

* Gerrie Nel Questions Relationship Between Naeem Deedat & Suraya - The sister of Naeem Deedat who was the sole survivor of a fire in which his wife and four kids died has told the Johannesburg Magistrates Court she was very close to the family and unaware of any tension between the couple.

* Gold: $1,604.20 /ounce
* Platinum: $998.28 /ounce
* Silver: R9.56 /g
* Oil: $59.30 /barrel
* $: R15.06
* €: R16.27
* £: R19.44
* Saudi Riyal: R4.01
* Mahr Fatimi: R14.637.25 (1530.90 grams of Silver)
* Minimum Mahr: R292.74 (30.618 grams of Silver)
* Zakaah Nisaab: R5854.90 (612.36 grams of Silver)
* Krugerrand: R25,282.99
* 24 carat gold: R775.12 /g
* 22 carat gold: R711.61 /g
* 18 carat gold: R582.01 /g
* 14 carat gold: R452.96 /g
* 09 carat gold: R292.76 /g

As at (20/02/2020)



1 Cup Steamed fish (boneless) hake or kingklip
1 Cup mashed potato
1 Egg-salt and pepper to taste
Ground nutmeg
Ground jeeroo
Green Dhania an onions-chopped
Green chillies-chopped
Beaten egg

Flake fish finely and remove bones if there are any. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Form into balls and flatten slightly. Dip in beaten egg and roll in breadcrumbs. Fry in oil until golden brown.

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Al-Tawheed   Dr Laloo

Dr H. Laloo
MBBCh (Wits) MMed (Wits) FCOG (SA)
Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
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A woman with hiccups went to the doctor’s office where she was seen by one of the new doctors. After about 4 minutes in the examination room, she burst out, screaming as she ran down the hall. An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she told him her story.

After listening, he had her sit down in another room and told her to relax. The older doctor marched down hallway to the back where the first doctor was and demanded, "What's the matter with you? Mrs. Terry is 63 years old, she has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?"

The new doctor calmly continued to write on his clipboard and without looking up said, "Does she still have the hiccups?"

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