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Thursday, 11 February 2021 / 28 Jumadal Ukhra 1442 AH


Coping with Grief: Part 1

What is Grief?

Grief is a natural and emotional reaction to the loss of someone or something important to you. The loss can be a person, an object, or even a way of life. During a time of loss, emotions can be intensely painful, affecting all aspects of life and relationships. In the midst of this struggle, it is important to realize that grief is normal; it is not an illness and it is not something negative. Grief shows that you cared deeply for whatever it is that you lost.

For some people, grief might be felt in spikes throughout the day, for others it may suddenly come up every few days. Some have compared it to feeling as though they are drowning due to the tidal waves of emotion that affect them at times. Others might say that it feels like it’s an extra weight on their heart or shoulders that they carry around with them wherever they go. Everyone experiences grief differently and on a different timeline; your emotional response to grief may be very different from what you’ve seen or how you anticipate you may react. read more

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February 11 1990 - Nelson Mandela released from Prison

Nelson Mandela, leader of the movement to end South African apartheid, is released from prison after 27 years on February 11, 1990.

In 1944, Mandela, a lawyer, joined the African National Congress, the oldest black political organization in South Africa, where he became a leader of Johannesburg’s youth wing of the ANC. In 1952, he became deputy national president of the ANC, advocating nonviolent resistance to apartheid–South Africa’s institutionalized system of white supremacy and racial segregation. However, after the massacre of peaceful black demonstrators at Sharpeville in 1960, Nelson helped organize a paramilitary branch of the ANC to engage in guerrilla warfare against the white minority government.

In 1961, he was arrested for treason, and although acquitted he was arrested again in 1962 for illegally leaving the country. Convicted and sentenced to five years at Robben Island Prison, he was put on trial again in 1964 on charges of sabotage. In June 1964, he was convicted along with several other ANC leaders and sentenced to life in prison.

Mandela spent the first 18 of his 27 years in jail at the brutal Robben Island Prison. Confined to a small cell without a bed or plumbing, he was forced to do hard labour in a quarry. He could write and receive a letter once every six months, and once a year he was allowed to meet with a visitor for 30 minutes. However, Mandela’s resolve remained unbroken, and while remaining the symbolic leader of the anti-apartheid movement, he led a movement of civil disobedience at the prison that coerced South African officials into drastically improving conditions on Robben Island. He was later moved to another location, where he lived under house arrest.

In 1989, F.W. de Klerk became South African president and set about dismantling apartheid. De Klerk lifted the ban on the ANC, suspended executions, and in February 1990 ordered the release of Nelson Mandela.

Matric Exam Tution   AMA

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)

  • Mahr Fatimi: R21341.60
    (1530.90 g of Silver)
  • Minimum Mahr: R426.83
    (30.618 g of Silver)
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R8536.64
    (612.36 g of Silver)
  • Saudi Riyal: R3,91
  • USD $ R14.81
  • EUR € R17,81
  • GBP £ R20,33
  • Oil $61.42 /barrel
  • Silver R13.94 /g
  • Platinum $1,233.00 /ounce
  • Gold $1,843.20 /ounce
  • Krugerrand: R28470.48
  • 24 carat gold R876.89 /g
  • 22 carat gold R805.17 /g
  • 21 carat gold R767.28 /g
  • 18 carat gold R658.35 /g
  • 14 carat gold R512.33 /g
  • 09 carat gold R331.44 /g

As at (10/02/2021)

Ashraful Aid   SANZAF

Apple and Passion Teaser Recipe

  • 1 cup passion fruit cordial
  • 2 green apples peeled and de-seeded
  • 1 lemon

Liquidize with 1 ½  liters of water.
Strain and sweeten with sugar.
Add a grated apple and serve chilled.

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The Only Two Words in English

A politician asked a well known author, "Did you know that 'Sumac' and 'Sugar' are the only two words in English, that begin with the letters 'Su' but are pronounced like 'Shu'?"

The author replied, "Sure."

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