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Tuesday, 20 July 2021/ 09 Thul Hijjah 1442 AH

  • On whom is Qurbani Wajib (obligatory)?

    Qurbani is Wajib (obligatory) on every Muslim who is: • of sound mind – mature (has reached the age of puberty), Muqeem (i.e. he is not a Shari traveller) Possesses the amount of 612,36 grams of silver or wealth equivalent to that value which is in excess of one’s basic needs and debts, on any of the three days of Qurbani. It is not necessary that this amount be in one’s possession for a complete lunar year. More

  • What is Minimalism? – Part 17

    So what is this minimalism thing? It’s quite simple: to be a minimalist you must live with less than 100 things, you can’t own a car, a home or a cell phone, you can’t have a career, you cannot live in any of the exotic (hard-to-pronounce) places all over the world, you must start a blog, you can’t have children, and you must be a young white male from a privileged background. More
Ashraful Aid   AMA
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Fajr begins 5:32am 5:25am 5:51am 6:19am
Sunrise 6:53am 6:48am 7:18am 7:47am
Zawaal 12:14pm 12:02pm 12:25pm 12:52pm
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A Weeping Heart… Hajj

This heart weeps,

weeps to perform hajj before its beat stops,
before its soul is whisked away.

This heart weeps,
weeps to touch the soil of Madinah
where the beloved of Allah lies. More

Al-Tawheed   Ml Timol
19-07-2021 - Mayyit of: Zohra Amod Akoojee - VENUE: Lenasia - TIME: 10H15 - QABARSTAAN: Lenasia

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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)

  • Mahr Fatimi: R19569.47
    (1530.90 g of Silver)
  • Minimum Mahr: R391.38
    (30.618 g of Silver)
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R7827.79
  • Saudi Riyal: R3.86
  • USD $ R14.53
  • EUR € R17.05
  • GBP £ R19.90
  • Oil $72.77/barrel
  • Silver R12.78/g
  • Platinum $ 1,099.03 /ounce
  • Gold $1 824.30 /ounce
  • Krugerrand: R27575.98
  • 24 carat gold R849.37 /g
  • 22 carat gold R779.87 /g
  • 21 carat gold R743.20 /g
  • 18 carat gold R637.70 /g
  • 14 carat gold R496.27 /g
  • 09 carat gold R320.99 /g

As at (19/00/2021)



Courtesy; @dash_of_delish

1kg mutton
Salt Crushed black pepper
Lemon juice
1 tbslp oil

Wash meat thoroughly under cold water. Strain out & remove access water. Marinate meat with above mentioned spices. Keep aside. 1 onion chopped 2 to 3 Bay leaves 2 cinnamon sticks 3 to 4 cloves ¼ cup oil Heat oil in a pot, add the whole spices, fry until aromatic. The aroma imparts deep flovours into the meat that's being cooked. Now add the chopped onions, fry until translucent. Remember allowing flavours to slowly develop is one of the secrets of great cooks. Add in the marinated meat & fry on medium flame Stir the meat while frying so that the flavours can infuse well in the meat After 15 minutes, lower the flame, add enough water to slow cook the meat. Cover and let it cook until tender . Once the meat is done. Turn up the flame to burn out access water. Adjust salt and pepper. Throw in whole green chillies ( optional). Garnish with green coriander leaves. Serve with home made chapati or naan. Tastes best when made with fresh qurbani meat . A must try...

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Al-Imdaad   SANZAF
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The Fortune Cookies

After finishing our Chinese food, my husband and I cracked open our fortune cookies.

Mine read, “Be quiet for a little while.”

His read, “Talk while you have a chance.”

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