Hadrat Ya-qub (Alayhis Sallam)

Hadrat Is-haaq (Alayhis Sallam) had two sons, Esau and Ya-Qub. Hadrat Esau (Alayhis Sallam) was a hunter and Hadrat Esau (Alayhis Sallam) was a farmer.

Hadrat Esau married one of the daughters of Hadrat Isma'il (Alayhis Sallam). Hadrat Ya-qub (Alayhis Sallam) was married to two daughters of his maternal uncle, one after the other during a period of ten years, that he lived with his uncle. However, he later returned to Palestine and settled there.

Hadrat Ya-qub (Alayhis Sallam) was also known as Israel, soldier or sword of Eel (Allah). His descendants are therefore called Banu Israel (Children of Israel)

Hadrat Ya-qub (Alayhis Sallam) had 12 sons, and two of the sons Yusuf and Binyamin (Benjamin) were from his second wife.

Hadrat Ya-qub (Alayhis Sallam) was a Nabi who had great Sabr (patience) and Trust in Allah.