Butterfly Corner
Great Stories

Our Class
A man came to Ibrahim ibn Adam
A special friend
About struggling
Allaah is the One true God
Allah is always with us
Allahs mercy
Banana shoes
Bubble gum disaster

Don't please shaitaan
Don't take without permission
Give your parents roses while they are alive not dead

The Story of Alqamah
Jalal and the Seagull
Keeping ties with fellow muslim

The beautiful clock
The boy who didn't listen
The Fence
The girl who loved jumping on the bed
The little bug
The millipede
The months on a muslim calender
The mud bath
The pecan nuts
The pretty tumbler
The pupil and the shoes
The Stone Cutter
Give an arm and a leg to a friend
Sayyadina Hasan Basri RA once became ill
Who we keep company with reflects who we are
The Woodpecker and Irfan
Your Parents
Telling the truth
Truthful Boy
Words and Actions Should Be the Same
Allah's Mercy
Kindness to Children
The Prince Who Loved Allah